We understand you have a smart business, now let us tell your story to inspire action.

A sensory immersion. The way your brand deserves to be told. We’re not full service, we are limited edition. We focus on producing curated events that turn your marketing into money.

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Don't let the peplum dress fool you–along with being a hustler in the event world, Emily is also a lover of old school hip hop, pit bulls, and you'll always find a bottle of hot sauce in her purse. With a decade in the creative and experiential marketing world, including A-list photo shoot production in SoCal, corporate soiree management in The Big Apple, and renowned winery marketing in the Bay Area, she is constantly inspired by innovation, human interaction and culture. The complete opposite of shy and soft-spoken, Emily is thrilled that her work has become a creative outlet for her normally Type A personality. A self-proclaimed lover of organizing chaos, her professional golden rule is: Work slick. She lives for the behind-the-scenes hustle while bringing serious design chops and a smile to the teams around her. In her spare time, she enjoys world travel, petting all of the dogs, pretending to be a chef, and being a part of the Resistance. A long-standing goal of hers is to promote a work environment where employees feel appreciated and constantly inspired, while maintaining a wicked sense of humor.

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As a Brand and Marketing Strategist, Liz is one part entrepreneur, two parts adrenaline junkie, and three parts adventure traveler. Having worked with CEO's, start up's, and soloprenuers from the uber serious corporate world, to barefoot-running desert dwellers, she can crack the shell of clients to get to the heart of their creative company strategy. With over 15 years in the industry across multiple platforms, from Central America, to Spain, the U.S., and Morocco, Liz has been featured as a speaker at several trade shows, has been the host of local morning TV shows, and is sought as an author for several travel, wellness, and women's magazines for her writing and visual thinking. When not working with clients, you can find her doing yoga, backpacking, flying a helicopter, traveling to remote locations, or whipping up a mean cocktail. She believes a woman should never overlook who she truly is, and continue to seek knowledge to improve upon that. Liz is passionate about unique branding for clients, and secretly wants to be an 80's Pat Benatar.

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With 20 years under our belts,
we know the industry inside and out.

From rockin’ every detail behind the scenes, to center stage, client facing, and consumer driven, Bosscat is your brand partner. We don’t sling hope, unicorns, or inspirational quotes. We tell your story with immersive brand experiences that connect. There’s no rule that says you have to market like everyone else. Why? Well, it doesn’t work. Being the same will take your marketing down faster than a fat kid on a see saw.

Experiential marketing is not a trend, it will continue to rise in popularity for a new type of consumer. Ones who expect authenticity. Our inherent ability to get to know the soul of your brand and execute on it, is invaluable. For once, it really is about you.