Bosscat Productions Media Brand Takes Responsibility in Social Impact with Focus on Non Profit Events & Community

HOLLADAY, UT, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2019 - Bosscat Productions and its founder, Emily Leah breaks down barriers for today's innovators, non-profits and small business owners to compete effectively in the events and media world. Leah and Bosscat have a passion to focus on social impact brands in media, wellness, travel, social media, women's services, and non-profits, in addition to their niche branding services.

"Defining media outreach for brands that can solve a problem, better human impact, and create history has immense potential and need." states Leah "That's something we prefer to be a distinguishing part of." she continues. Bosscat does this with event and digital marketing strategies to drive growth and create impact for mission-driven clients.

Social enterprises as a sustainable business model are growing, being backed by venture capital, and helping to improve the humanity of our world. According to the U.K. Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, there are more than 470,000 social enterprises, employing a staggering 1.44 million people benefiting society. Social enterprise is big business now – in the best kind of way. Bosscat works with brands who wouldn't normally be able to take advantage of professional media services, because it believes in the growth of social responsibility. With over half of all US social enterprises being created in 2006 or later, Bosscat has plenty of brands to connect with. Social enterprises and non-profits can request a media proposal and complimentary media consultation with Bosscat founder, Emily Leah, to learn about the best strategy for their journey.

"Defining media outreach for brands that can solve a problem, better human impact, & create history has immense potential and need." states Leah ”

Benefits of Bosscat Service & Social Enterprise Success Factors:

  • Using social media for social good

  • Media guide for social enterprises

  • Wider audience reach for social enterprises

  • Establishing brand voice and reach

  • Community support and involvement that is sustainable

  • Guidance in best use of resources

  • Social entrepreneurship support to focus on raising capital

  • Creating incentives for media, company and others

  • Attract attention of people and media

  • Creating the uniqueness of the social solution

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