Do You Treat Your Customers Like Real People?

Do  you  understand  what relationship marketing is all about? It is about more than just trying to develop repeat customers and bringing in more money. It is about the way you actually treat your customers. Do you view your customers like the real people they truly are? Or do you just consider them to be a sales statistic?      

The worst mistake any business owner can make is to look at their customers as an item in their accounts ledger. If you do this, you will never be able to form good customer relationship with them.                         

Instead you need to change your mindset and start treating your customers like real people. Think about how you would like to be treated by your favorite business, and then take steps to put this into action in your company.                 

An easy way to start relationship  marketing is by thanking and appreciating your  customers. This involves more than just a quick hand shake and saying “thanks”. It means working on learning more about your customers, and then looking for ways to provide them with their needs. What it all boils down to is showing them that you care, isn’t this true of any relationship? A simple and easy way to create valuable customers.      

Any customer is looking for you to provide them with value and  some form of benefit. Why should they purchase from you and what do they get in return if they do?                    

Start thinking about how you can add value for your customers. Could you add a newsletter each month? Could you offer coupons and special deals for them, just for being a loyal customer?                

Relationship marketing is another marketing  method, with a twist, it adds the human  element to it. You need to communicate and interact with your customers. You cannot afford to hide behind your website or in the back office. Being a good business owner entails putting your best foot forward and showing your face. You have a company that you are proud of, so show it off! With so many businesses online you can’t afford to be left  behind. Make use of mobile devices, social media pages, email marketing, Skype, forums and more. Try to include as many as possible in your business practices.                  

Using email is a fantastic way to build a relationship with your customers. It is so easy to send out a quick thank you note, or to send out a birthday or Christmas card. It is the small things you do that really count with your customers. You enjoy it when people show you that extra appreciation and kindness, don’t you? So why not treat your customers in the same way.          

Liz Galloway