10 Social Media Facts: We Love Stats

Social Media can be many things for personal and professional public image. It is the combination of online communication channels, community-based input, interaction, visuals and content sharing. It is our growing future of communication. Allowing people or company's to create and share information. We know, you've heard enough about social media interaction, but check these 10 usable facts. Even if the only place you use them is your next trivia game. 

1.Social Media Improves Results

Regarding a recent study, about 62% of the marketers from separate fields have reported a positive change in their marketing campaigns and efforts after they began to use social media as a foundation of many of their campaigns. Just start sharing.

2.Job Connections on Linked In

In actuality, a new client joins LinkedIn's expert system every minute. The site is utilized by over 60% of the general population to look for some employment, apply to work, or design their expert professional profiles. This is a growing place to network, present your best and post your articles and new.

3. Millions of photos on Instagram

More than one billion photographs were transferred to Instagram 2012, just think about the explosion in numbers now in 2018 with 800 million monthly users. Not just that, but there are 95 million photos uploaded per day. Get you create stage going for videos and picture snapping to become your own brand authority

4 .Small and Medium Businesses Benefit

Small and medium-sized businesses use various social media platforms to raise their business brand and income, extend their promoting endeavors, and find out about their clients. Around 34% of medium sized business utilize web based socials and 27% of independent and soloprenuers participate. 

5.Mobile Makes it Happen

Around 161 million minutes a month are spent on portable online networking applications around the globe. Indeed, according to numbers, individuals have more cell phones than toothbrushes. 60% of Google searches come from mobile devices. Another odd and useless bit of trivia for your next social post.

6.Deals on Social Media

As a whole, we love an the deal and online networking happens to be a perfect place to discover them. Research uncovered that over 67% of Facebook clients like a brand's page to get a coupon offering, and 28% are apt to engage with a brand for deals. 

7.Games Can Earn Money

You don't usually anticipate engaging in games and visual content increases brain activity.  Nonetheless, a current review uncovered that over 79% of individuals who take an interest in web-based social networking diversions have a professional education of one degree or higher, and 44% of them earn $50,00 or more per year. A large percentage of those engaged in online games are over 40, and approximately 30% are marries with kids. Game play can give your mind a break, so play accordingly.

8. Twitterpated

Almost 500 million tweets are send per day on the Twittersphere (almost called Friendstalker) about 350,000 tweets are sent per minute. It's one of the easiest and most accessible platforms, and is over 10 years old, but has yet to turn a profit as a company.  Twitter can be a useful asset if utilized with targets.

9. Social Media Uses Differences

It is accounted for that social media gender percentage use is 62% men and 71% women. Females users tend to go to Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and men hit Google +, You Tube and Facebook. 28% of women utilize social media as a creative outlet vs. 23% of men. And 27% of men use social sites for business vs. 22% of women. While social media and connected advertising show gender differences here, decide how you spend your average 3.2 hours per day in social media outlets.

10.Facebook Remains a Big Player

What was surfing the web is now engaging online. And Facebook continues to grow 13% year over year. Continually changing in the business with advertising growth, and advertising guidelines it's hard to keep up. On average, if you target your ad by a custom audience rather than by category or interest, cost-per-click is 14% lower, and cost-per-conversion is 64%. So navigate appropriately. That engagement will happen within 5 hours of posting, and according to  reviews, the highest traffic happens mid week from 1 to 3 p.m. 

There are plenty of other social media statistics and facts, and we love collecting numbers. Do share with us your own numbers and results. 

Liz Galloway